Sell and Buy

SAB's Standard and Stabilized System Architecture provides ease of use E-Commerce Applications, Supplier Management , Vendor Management, Billing System.

Human life is tightly coupled with Sell and Buy. A good inventory Management improves your focus on business and increases efficiency and productivity. Maintaining the data of raw material purchase and monitoring the stock flow is a tedious job. SAB provides Information Transparency which allows you to easily track the order flow, stock balance and complete material management.

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Hotel and Restaurant Management

Automation Made Human Efforts Simplified.

Inventory Management

Streamline your Business with Inventory Management, Control and Manage inventory across all the sales channel and forecast your inventory levels accurately.

Amenity Management

Rooms & Suites Management includes WiFi, satellite television, spa, Swimming Pool, mini bars. Set strategic plan for room price based on the market fluctuations.

Workforce Management

Manage users by delegating appropriate tasks and reviewing the job activities. Time reporting and Leave management.

Order Management

Centralized Order Management smoothens the flow of Order and also provides rich experinece to user in order Tracking.

Account Management

Accounts receivable includes direct billing, invoicing, outstanding account aging. Income and Expenditure Management, Up-to-date cash book and reconciled bank book.

Recipe Management

Recipe Management comprises banquet, soup section, pantry section, pastry section, baking & confectionary section, and vegetable section.

Service Management

Services & Facilities Management includes Transportaion, Business Center, Bar, Laundry, Fitness Center.

Branch Management

Single interface for multi level branch management.

Customized Accounting and Billing Software

Secure and affordable Billing Software

Each industries needs its own customized software based on the service they provide. SAB provides flexible billing System whcih can be customized according to the service they offer.

Customized and Affordable Billing Software

Secure and Reliable Billing Software

Inventory Management

Helps Optimizing the productivity by controlling the inventory.

PO Creation

Effort for Creating PO is minimized and simplified, You can also maintain the track of POs.

Supplier Management

Provides control on regulatory compliance during supplier on-boarding process, Increases stakeholder participation.

Order Management

Order Management comprises completed orders, cancelled orders, returned orders, in process orders. And also you can track shipping details.

Invoice Creation

Minimizes the errors and accelerate the invoice processing.

Easy Billing

It plays vital role in increasing productivity and convenience for the customers. Provides customized product search and easy billing.