Healthcare Management

Caribou HiW is a comprehensive and integrated system that provides automation of life cycle starting from Appointment scheduling to Discharge Summary, Out Patients and Diagnostics.

“Health is Wealth.” It is always as truth as “Sun rises in East”.Most of us has to step into the hospital to protect ourselves from diseases and to keep our body fit. Automation made Hospital Management simplified and Centralized. HiW is beneficial to each and every individual who involved in the flow of Hospital Management.

Healthcare Management

Patient Administration

OP Registations, In Patient Management, Accident & Emergency Management, Discharge.

Doctor Consultation

Doctor Registrations, Consultation Management, Cancellations, Prescription Management.

Laboratory Management

Samples and Tests Management,BBlood Bank Management, Report Publishing, Radiology and Imaging Management.

Pharmacy Management

Medicine and Surgical Material Management, Staff Management, Billing, Accounting and Report Management.

Inventory Management

Operation Theatre Management, Surgical Material Management, Lab equipment Management, Furniture Management and Utility Management.

Finance Management

Track of Income and Expenditure comprises OP Billings, IP Billings, Insurance and Claims, Diagnostic Charges, Cost of Inventory, Staff Maintenance Amount and other Administration charges.