Enterprise Agility

The ability to adopt and respond to change to deliver the enterprise excellence.

DevOps describes approaches to speeding up the processes by which an idea goes from development to deployment in a production environment where it can provide value to the user. These approaches require that development teams and operations teams communicate frequently and work seamlessly. Providing the provision for Scalability and flexibility during this approach is the key role of the total approach. With DevOps, those that need power the most, get it through self service and automation. Developers work closely with IT operations to accelerate software builds, tests, and releases without compromising on reliability.

More frequent changes to code and more dynamic infrastructure usage. Traditional management strategies can’t keep up with this kind of demand. There the Agile came into the picture.

In the late 1990’s, several methodologies began to gain increasing public attention, each having a different combination of old and new ideas. These methodologies emphasized close collaboration between the development team and business stakeholders; frequent delivery of business value, tight, self-organizing teams; and smart ways to craft, confirm, and deliver code. The term "Agile" was applied to this collection of methodologies in early 2001 when 17 software development practitioners gathered in Snowbird, Utah to discuss their shared ideas and various approaches Ke to software development.

Agile doption vs Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation may be defined as “the process of transforming an organization’s culture and nature to one of agility”. Transformation is about a fundamental change in the way people think and feel. Some people distinguish this from adoption by calling adoption “doing agile” and transformation “being agile”. In an Agile transformation, it is actually the culture that is being transformed. Agile is not the goal. It drives the cultural transformation.

Agile is being implemented in all the major industries including but not limited to Health care, Banking & Finance, Retail.